Hokka Nichibei Kai Bunka Hall of Fame

i am very Happy and Proud to announce that out Hakuakai karate U.S.A branch Chief Instructor Shihan Bernard Edwards has been introduced to the Hokka Nichibei Kai Bunka Hall of Fame for the year 2015 for Martial Arts ( Karate and Kobudo)
He is fist and ever Karate and Kobudo Instructor nominated for the Hokka Nichibei Kai Bunka Hall of Fame.
Few years ago Kendo and Judo Instructors was nominated .
Since 2010 Shihan Bernard Edwards had been nominated for the Hall of Fame in Martial art .
He has nominated and Inducted because they Honour people who have excelled and contributed to the ( Culture, History, Society and Language ) and better relationships in the Japanese Community.
He has inducted and nominated this hall of Fame due to his 45 years of teaching and have been involved in the Japanese Community and Traditions in many ways.
This is a great news for all of Hakuakai members , we all really proud about his achievement.
Greetings from Japan Karate-Do Hakuakai Sri Lanka Branch ..

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